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A windshield sensor calibration guide – how to ensure your sensors are always accurate!

There are many factors that can affect the accuracy of your car's sensors, including the windshield. That's why it's important to have your windshield sensor calibration checked regularly.

What is windshield sensor calibration?

Windshield sensor calibration is the process of making sure that your car's sensors are reading correctly. This can be done with a special tool that is placed on the windshield. The tool will help to calibrate the sensors so that they are reading accurately.
If you are having trouble with your car's sensors, it's a good idea to have the windshield sensor calibration checked. This can help to ensure that your car is running correctly and that you are getting the most accurate information from your car's sensors.

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Why do you need to calibrate your windshield sensor?

Most people don't realize that their windshield sensor needs to be calibrated on a regular basis. Just like any other sensor, the windshield sensor can become inaccurate over time.   That's why it's important to calibrate irregularly.

There are a few reasons why you might need to calibrate your windshield sensor.

First, if you've just replaced your windshield, the new windshield might not be the same size as the old one. This can cause the sensor to give inaccurate readings.

Second, if you've made any changes to your car's suspension, the sensor might not be able to accurately measure the distance to the ground. This is because the sensor is mounted on the windshield, and changes in the suspension can affect its position.

Third, if you live in an area with a lot of environmental debris, like dust or pollen, the sensor can become clogged. This can again cause inaccurate readings.

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Why choose Hot Shot Auto Glass & Calibration

Hot Shot Auto Glass & Calibration caters to all makes and types of vehicle needs. We offer expert repair and replacement services with the help of skilled and seasoned technicians. 

01 Same Day Service

Keeping you off the road for a long can help nobody. We strive to get you back on the road early as possible by delivering your car on the same day.

We repair and replace your windshield in Georgetown TX on the same day.

02 Mobile Repair & Installation

Who takes their car to the garage in today’s times? We repair and replace your auto glass in Georgetown TX with the help of mobile Auto glass repair services in Georgetown Texas. 

We reach you and fix your broken windshield at your doorstep.

03 High-Quality Installation

We ensure that your car windshield installation and repair are done with the most accurate and highest-quality results.

04 Minute Inspection

We inspect your windshield minutely and repair and replace it with a thorough inspection. We ensure that no quality issues arise in the auto glass repair and replacement. We help your windshield with near perfect Installation and repair.

05 Experienced Technicians

We are a team of skilled and experienced technicians. We ensure to deliver you value-adding services with the help of our seasoned technicians.

06 Customer Satisfaction – Guaranteed

With the amplified customer-centric approach, we ensure that we keep the customer as the top priority and deliver the desired results.

If you are looking for windshield repair and replacement services in Georgetown, call us at 512.240.5944. We offer the best auto glass repair and replacement services in Georgetown.

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