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Our Story

Hot Shot Auto Glass  & Calibration was formed after learning the significance of a proper windshield installation. My family has had windshields replaced throughout the years. We have always been told that vehicle can be driven and to leave blue tape on top of windshield for 48 hours.

We were unaware that there are different cure (dry) times for each product. Safe drive away time could range from 30 minutes to several hours. If vehicle is driven before minimum drive away time (MDAT) is reached, it can affect the integrity of the windshield installation. 

Without knowing the product cure time requirements, I now know that we shouldn't have moved vehicle. 

My daughter had her windshield replaced and her lane departure worked intermittently for a couple of years. I later learned that if camera has moved 1 mm or more, it must be calibrated to work properly and is required after windshield replacements. She was never informed before replacement and believed that performance was normal. After re-calibrating her vehicle, she was amazed at the consistent performance of lane departure alert.

We assure service by providing a report after successful calibration. 

As a consumer not knowing about the industry, I hoped that someone would have explained the proper installation. We hope to make a difference by not only performing but also informing others about proper repairs. 

Hard at Work

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