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Window Tinting

What are benefits of auto tint?


UV Protection

UV exposure is a powerful attack on the skin, creating damage that can range from premature wrinkles to dangerous skin cancer. If you live where the sun is strong year-round, your exposure level and risk increases. The good news is that you can greatly reduce the danger posed by UV radiation by taking protective measures. Our window film blocks 99% of UV exposure.

Assists in Interior Damage Protection

Harsh sunlight can fade the upholstery and causes cracks and/or discoloration to dashboard, seats and other interior materials.

More Privacy in Effort to Discourage Theft

Window tinting provides more privacy than standard transparent windows. Tinted windows can also act as a deterrent by obscuring valuables left inside parked cars.

Keep Your Vehicle Cool

UV rays and infrared cause your car to trap extra heat. Window tint can block rays and helps cool vehicle down with minimal air conditioning help.

UV rays and infrared reach your windshield, it causes your car to trap extra heat. Window tinting blocks those rays, allowing your car to cool down with minimal help from the air conditioning.

Shattered Glass Protection 

Window tint adds another layer of protection to your auto glass. Tint film assists in preventing glass to shatter upon impact.

Sleeker Exterior Look

Tinted windows create a more esthetic charm with minimal effort.

Hot Shot Auto Glass & Calibration is an authorized installer for HiTek Films.

We offer 3 types of film- Classic, Carbon IR, and Ceramic IR.

All films offer heat resistance with Ceramic IR offering the most resistance.

All installations come with nationwide lifetime warranty.

Protective equipment is used to keep your vehicle safe during the installation process. 

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